Marketing and promoting a business has seen several dramatic changes through the years. From leaflets and billboards, to the yellow pages and television commercials, businesses have always had to be on the cutting edge of what works when it comes to marketing.

Today, there is no better promotion for an established business or service than quality SEO (search engine optimization). Optimizing your digital presence can get your business discovered globally, but it can also improve the success of even the smallest of local businesses.

If you own your own business, you’ve likely heard of the importance of SEO already. However, because it changes and advances all the time, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming to think about staying on top of it. Whether you’re a new business, or an established business that needs a boost in their digital presence, SEO is a key factor in how you should marketing yourself to the masses – and yes, we do mean masses.

The good news? SEO doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming. When you work with a qualified SEO firm, filled with people who not only have experience in the subject, but who closely follow changing trends and algorithms, you just may find the ‘fun’ behind this elusive marketing trend that won’t slow down, and can help you achieve your goals.


You can’t talk about SEO without the term ‘keywords’ closely following. Keywords are at the very core of solid SEO, and while their role has shifted over the years, they still remain one of the most important aspect of optimizing your website and getting discovered. Consider it a search engine optimization fundamental rule.

Keywords are simply certain words or phrases, necessary for SEO-friendly web content. When you type these keywords in search engine bars, (Google, Bing, Yahoo) the content containing those particular words will appear first, or in higher ranking positions.

It’s not enough to simply use random words or phrases. To fully optimize your keywords, you should think about what your target audience might be searching for, in regards to your business or service. Put yourself in the consumer’s place, and determine what you might look for if you were searching for something that had to do with a business. Determining what your target audience is looking for, and optimizing keywords to fit, will help you reach the top-ranking positions on every search engine. What’s even better, is that you don’t have to determine these keywords alone. Thanks to the overwhelming popularity of SEO, companies like Welpi are available to guide you through the selection of keywords, and help you discover which terms work best for you.
For example, try searching ‘Los Angeles SEO services’ on Google. You’ll likely find a list of some of the top-rated SEO companies in the Los Angeles area, such as Welpi. Narrowing down your terms and figuring out what people may be searching for will help you get noticed quickly.


Another reason SEO is such a communal way of marketing? Link-building. You don’t have to rely on your own website completely in order to get people to check it out. Link-building is an incredibly effective strategy, that uses relevant, high-quality links from other sites in your own website or article.

Link-building can boost your site’s reputation, allow viewers to verify your legitimacy, and can even build relationships with other relevant websites and businesses. Not only to viewers love it, but search engines can’t get enough of it.
Current search engine algorithms greatly favor sites with health links peppered in where it’s relevant. These links give you ‘expert’ status in your field, and as a result, your reputation increases, along with your search engine page ranking.

Video SEO

Video may be relatively new, but it has exploded in the digital marketing world over the past few years. The best part? Search engines love picking up media. YouTube is Google company, so it makes sense as to why Google would want to feature video content on the top of its search engine pages.
Aside from how effective video is in getting noticed, it’s also a great way for viewers to engage with your business. Videos give your business a face, a personality, and they are much easier to keep someone’s attention than endless pages of typed content.

Mobile SEO

More people are ingesting content ‘on the go’ than ever before. While the PC isn’t totally obsolete, it’s important for people to be able to see who you are, no matter where they are. So much digital traffic is acquired through mobile devices nowadays, which means your website needs to be optimized for people to view it quickly, and clearly – no matter what type of device they’re using.
Content should load quickly, and be formatted to be viewed on everything from a smartphone to a tablet. That way, no matter who is viewing your content (or how they’re viewing it), they’re seeing the best display of your business.

Whether it’s keywords and video, or mobile optimization and general SEO, your business deserves to be as visible and well-noticed as possible. Thankfully, these services don’t have to feel so overwhelming. Your key focus should be on running your business, which is why utilizing an SEO expert or SEO company like Welpi can be a huge asset in giving your business the attention it needs to succeed.