Doing SEO for Bigcommerce Online Store

Doing SEO for Bigcommerce Online Store
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One of the more recent entrants in the e-commerce industry has been the game changing Bigcommerce platform. While most of its competitors have stripped down free versions of their platform for small scale entrepreneurs, Bigcommerce is targeted at more professional e-commerce businesses. Its most basic plan, Bigcommerce Standard, comes with all the functionality required to run your online business. It is very reassuring, as an entrepreneur, to work with an e-commerce platform that is designed to help you grow your business from the get go.

Bigcommerce ticks all the boxes that an entrepreneur requires of an e-commerce platform. It includes full hosting services as a content management service, so you won’t have to partner with third party providers for your site’s hosting. Most importantly, the entire platform is designed to allow for customization and SEO optimization to increase your competitiveness as an online seller.

Some of the features included in Bigcommerce are:

  • Full ‘out of the box’ functionality

Even at its most basic form, all the functionality that you need for your e-commerce site will be included in Bigcommerce. This encourages you as a budding entrepreneur to adopt a professional mindset for your young business.

  • Full Support for existing online payment processors

There are more than 60 trusted online payment processors, and Bigcommerce allows for any of them to be integrated to your e-commerce site.

  • Social Integration

This is where Bigcommerce truly shines. The platform allows you to extend your e-commerce site to your Facebook page where your followers can directly buy from you. Other online retail platforms such as e-bay are also supported by Bigcommerce. It also allows you to be accessible from product comparison sites such as shopzilla without using any third party systems.

Importance of SEO to your e-commerce site

There are many factors that influence the success, or failure of your e-commerce site. This includes the webpage design, the popularity of your products and the domain name that you choose for your site. However, the most important determinant of success is whether your site is visible to your clients. You need a top e-commerce SEO expert to ensure that your website is optimized for search engine visibility. If you are not among the top results on Google, your chances of success are significantly limited.

Bigcommerce SEO with Welpi Experts

At Welpi, our main business is offering SEO optimization services for e-commerce site owners. We have a proven track record of adding value to our clients’ businesses by increasing their web traffic and conversion rates. Our web development experts have Bigcommerce familiarity and we offer the best SEO optimization for the Bigcommerce platform.