SEO for Magento

SEO for Magento
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When creating an e-commerce site, one of the most important decisions you need to make is the platform which your website will be based on. You want a platform that makes it easy for you to manage your online business, process payments, and update your product catalogue as your business expands. While there are many e-commerce platforms in the market, Magento is the overwhelming favorite, serving more than a third of all e-commerce websites currently online.

Why Use Magento?

Magento’s popularity stems from its usability. Most of the basic management activities can be done by someone who does not have a web design background. This appeals to most e-commerce site owners without technical software programming training. Apart from its usability, Magento offers a very rich selection of features to increase the effectiveness of your e-commerce website. These features include:

  • Built-in SEO Management Tools

The success of any e-commerce website is wholly dependent on its visibility in popular search engines, particularly on Google. Magento has inbuilt tools to integrate SEO techniques into your website, and provides a metrics monitoring system to determine the effectiveness of your SEO strategy.

  • Inventory and Shipping Management

As with any business, you need to ensure that you effectively manage your inventory so that you don’t lose potential clients due to a shortage. Regardless of your type of business, there are probably hundreds of other e-commerce sites that are directly competing with you and are ready to take advantage of your disappointed customers. Magento has an inventory monitoring and management tool which enables you to constantly have your products available for your customers.

Shipping is another important component in e-commerce. You need to ensure that your clients get their products within the timelines promised by your online business. Magento’s shipping management tools significantly improve your ability to deliver products on time.

  • Scalability

Magento offers its platform for any type of e-commerce business. While the free version works for small businesses with one or two products, the enterprise version is used by large multinational corporations such as Samsung. As your business grows, Magento will be able to scale their services to suit you.

Magento with Welpi SEO Expert

At Welpi, we have an expert team of web developers who understand Magento. Whether you have an existing website, or are starting from scratch, we have a proven track record of effective SEO optimization for Magento e-commerce websites. As a top SEO company, we not only offer local optimization, our experts offer national SEO optimization for companies targeting a nationwide audience with their products.