Welpi Web Design Los Angeles helping you with IMAGES

Why are images important in any posting??? Let’s check a few facts about postings with an image vs. postings without an image.

  • ​An article with images will get more views. How does 95% of total viewings sound?
  • ​What about local businesses? A potential customer is 60% more likely to reach out to you if they see images in your posting
  • ​About 70% of consumers agree that having many images of a product helped them decide to make the purchase
  • ​While visiting an eCommerce ​site, 65% of customers believe an image is even more important than a long and detailed description
  • ​Facebook users are 40% more inclined to interact with a posting that has an image​
  • ​Your press release power will increase 45% if you include a video or image in it
  • ​You probably were slightly more attracted to this posting because it had an image :)​

Jul, 03, 2015