The Importance of Infographics in SEO

The Importance of Infographics in SEO
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SEO experts have been using infographics for years, and for good reason. They are easy to read, easy to understand, fun to look at, and can cover a lot of data in a short amount of time. Typically, it’s data that might otherwise be ignored. So, infographics provide a clean and exciting solution for information that might otherwise be easily overlooked. But, how do infographics relate to SEO?

Short, Sweet, and To the Point

When you’re a brand or business, you have a very short window of time to deliver your message and information to a user. People’s attention spans are shorter than ever, thanks to the fast-paced world we live in. Infographics condense a lot of information into one space, and because it’s colorful, unique, and easy to read, users are more likely to spend just a little bit more time digesting the available information.

According to Hubspot, 55% of website visitors spend just 15 seconds reading the content on a web page. That means you have 15 seconds to give those readers as much content as you possibly can. Think about it this way; if you had just 15 seconds to pitch your business, what would you say? That’s exactly what an infographic should be about, based on a particular subject.

Sharing and Traffic

Any professional SEO company knows the importance of visuals when it comes to increasing your business’ exposure. Search engines love images, and so do users. Infographics combine the best of both worlds. Visual content gets shared among social media on a much larger scale than written content. These shares lead to referrals, which leads to link building from external sites. Eventually, that leads right back to traffic for your website.

Connection to Your Brand

It’s not enough to throw someone else’s graphic or picture onto your website, or share it via social media. If you own a business or brand, it’s important to be unique. Potential customers want to be able to feel connected to the brands they’re interested in. It helps to develop a sort of relationship, and builds trust. When that trust is built, not only are those customers more likely to use your business, but they’re more likely to recommend it to others.

Infographics are a perfect solution to custom content. They are incredibly unique, and you can design them to look and flow however you see fit. Typically, they are also very casual in format, so you can let a bit of your company’s personality shine through. It’s a great way to build relationships and give your business a voice to speak to viewers and potential customers.

Between quick visualization, an easy way to communicate with viewers, and the aspect of social sharing, it’s no wonder infographics have come into their own in the world of SEO. They show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, you can look for infographics to continue to advance, adapt, and grow in popularity as people become hungrier for fast and efficient information.