What Should You Know About Keywords?

What Should You Know About Keywords?
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Whether you’re completely new to SEO, or you’ve heard an SEO expert talk about the importance of keywords before, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to this popular digital marketing term. Search engine optimization companies use keywords in well-established content to focus in on what people might be looking for, and how it relates to your business or service. But, is there anything more to keywords than just guessing and judging what people might be looking for? Absolutely.


Keyword Placement Trumps Keyword Stuffing

It’s an age-old subject; having too much of a good thing. This old phrase rings true when it comes to keywords. When you’re creating content for a website, blog, or article, it’s important to focus on the key phrases you think people might be searching for. However, what’s more important is where those terms are used. Instead of peppering in those words as much as possible throughout your content, focus on where they’re located.

Keywords are most effective in titles, headers, and subheaders. Putting your phrase in the title of your content once will actually be more beneficial for you than inserting it into a paragraph of your content six or seven times. In fact, keyword stuffing is a huge red flag for search engines. So, instead of stuffing, strategize.


Using Synonyms

You can use the phrase, ‘bathroom plumber Los Angeles’ ten times in an article, and it likely won’t make much of a difference when it comes to SEO. Search engines like Google are focusing more and more on related keywords, and synonyms. That means, it’s time to get creative with the words and phrases you put into your content. You could say things like, ‘fixing toilets in LA,’ or ‘bathroom sink repair,’ and you’re essentially delivering the same message in a variety of ways. Search engines love that, and it makes your content easier and more approachable for viewers to read.


Keywords and Relevancy

It’s been said time and time again, but keywords are so important in keeping the content of your website relevant. When you use broad, general terms, as well as localized, specific terms, search engines and users alike will be able to find your business based on the phrases you’re putting into play.

Do people put too much focus on keywords? Probably – Google algorithms are changing constantly, and the actual content of your website is becoming more important than specific words and phrases that shape it. But, keywords are also a cornerstone of SEO, and their importance isn’t going to dwindle down to nothing anytime soon. Focus on these strong points, understand how these words and phrases can work for your site, and your business, and don’t be afraid to work with an affordable SEO service to make the most of what words can really work for you.


SEO is all about being found, and being found before someone else is. Keywords remain a major part of that side of things, so utilizing them correctly can equate to more success for your business.