Why do first impressions matter in business?

Why do first impressions matter in business?
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First impressions are everything in almost every aspect of our lives. While individuals might get a second chance and revisit an awkward first encounter, most businesses won’t get the same luck. A users experience on a website is just as important as the product itself. A website needs to feel welcoming and fun, just as brick and mortar company would decorate their store. Picture a brand new customer visiting your eCommerce site for the first time and the home page takes more than 15 seconds to load… only this will make you loose over half of your potential customers. Let’s take it a step further: images take forever to load, cheesy graphics haunting your site, broken links everywhere, contact box not working, social media icons nowhere to be found, popular payment options not available, etc. – Most likely this customer will never come back. On the other hand, if everything runs smoothly and you provide a little incentive, chances are that you may now have a recurring new customer. What have businesses done for you that made you come back for more?

Jul, 22, 2015