WooCommerce Online Store SEO

WooCommerce Online Store SEO
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When it comes to e-commerce platforms, most of the existing options require entrepreneurs to switch fully to their hosting services. This becomes a challenge for people who had existing websites hosted elsewhere. For the past few years, the most popular content management system on the web has been wordpress. WordPress is used by many website due to its affordability and ease of use. WooCommerce stands out in the market since its primary function is to include e-commerce functionality to the wordpress platform. As with wordpress, it is an open source platform that allows its users to customize their e-commerce sites with features that suit the business that they have.

Benefits of using WooCommerce

  • It is free

As an open source platform, the basic WooCommerce package is completely free. The only costs you incur are the standard wordpress hosting charges for your website (usually $5 per year) and the annual cost of renting out your domain name. The basic package has numerous useful e-commerce functions such as order management, customer service and PayPal integration which would serve small scale e-commerce website owners.

  • Payment provider integration

When you get the basic WooCommerce service, it comes with integrated PayPal compatibility. This does not mean that other payment options cannot be included in your site. For relatively affordable extra costs, you can include the payment methods preferred by your clients to the WooCommerce platform. Currently, WooCommerce offers support for numerous payment systems including Stripe, PayPal Pro, Payfast, and authorize.net

  • WordPress CMS

It is very difficult to find a website developer that is not familiar with the wordpress platform. By using WooCommerce, you get to enjoy the ease of using the wordpress platform which one can easily self-learn. It also suits people whose main business is not e-commerce. If you have a popular wordpress blog and sell a few products on the side, you don’t have to migrate to a dedicated e-commerce platform, just add some e-commerce functionality to a few pages on your wordpress site.

Welpi WooCommerce experts

The Welpi web development team includes the best WooCommerce and wordpress experts in the industry. To take advantage of all the Woocommerce functionality and customization possibilities, your website needs to be visible to your potential clients. Welpi SEO team offers the best SEO optimization to keep your e-commerce site on the Google front page. Apart from our primary SEO optimization services, we can customize your e-commerce site’s design and functionality to increase the efficiency of your online business.

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